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Your Guide to a Well Behaved Dog

We all love our pets, but sometimes it can feel like your dog is always getting into trouble. While it may feel overwhelming at times, with the right techniques and proper amount of practice any dog can learn.

Our goal is to help you and your dog build a lasting relationship that is based on trust and understanding. A solid relationship with your dog is the foundation for obedience training and the key to unlocking the dog you've always wanted. 

Our Cause is Four Paws

Helping the disabled community is a cause that is very close to our heart. A service dog is a life saving medical device! This is why we are committed to providing the best possible dogs to our clients. We specialize in training Diabetic Alert Dogs for Type 1 diabetics. We strive to give our clients a quality dog in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, using a specific method of training called cycle training. Click on our Diabetic Alert Training to learn more! 

Have Fun Involving Your Dog in Your Life 

Trick training is an excellent bonding activity between you and your dog. Tricks allow your dog to problem solve and think operantly. There are so many wonderful benefits of trick training which is why we offer a trick training class here at Charmed Dogs. We work with all our personal dogs on trick training because it enriches their mental and physical lives. Our course gives you the tools you will need to earn a trick title or simply show off to friends and family. 

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